SUSIE FELBER Global Content Director at Withings

“Lori was one of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She had seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm for digital as well as an amazing ability to get things done.”

SUSAN SCHULZ Marketing Director at the New York Academy of Sciences

“Lori has audience insights that she immediately brought to the table as she created the strategic marketing plan for what is now known as STEM U. I was blown away by her deep knowledge of content and marketing, in addition to her dynamic energy and charisma.  She doesn’t think in “silos”—she finds synergies and offers up her expertise in ways that can work across the board, benefitting the entire organization.”

JIM TURNER Chief Revenue Officer at DrumWave

“Lori brought great leadership, insight, and skills to leading the History Channel digital media team. She led the evolution of the site to become a leader in the industry and strong revenue generator for the company.”

ERICA GRUEN Former CEO of Food Network

“Lori is not only a steady and reliable font of creativity, she is also one of the warmest, kindest and most tuned-in humans you'll ever meet. She is a true professional, taking pride in her work and the work of her team. Those who have worked with her cannot wait to work with her again.”

JIM LYONS Former Editor-in-Chief at Court TV Digital

“Lori and I worked together for several years at Court TV. She is a born leader. Lori doesn’t cut corners; Lori sees around them. The only thing that exceeds her energy and creativity is her incisive intelligence. She quickly develops fluency in any subject or task.”

KIM BLANCHARD Former Vice President of Marketing at the Village Voice

“Lori recently came in to train our staff on increasing social engagement. Her session was spot on. She built an interactive workshop that focused specifically on our needs. Lori not only helped us update our practices, but also left us invigorated and inspired.”